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Improve an existing product

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Keeping your customers happy and making sure that all their needs, wants, and motivations are being satisfied is why you exist. It may be reimagining existing features that make using your product more useful. It may be adding features that allow them to solve more of their problems. It may be onboarding them with more clarity so they can start benefiting from your product more quickly. It's a never-ending process to ensure your product stays relevant.

Improve an existing product

Gathering customer feedback and bringing it all together into something digestible and actionable can be pretty messy. We can help create clarity around everything your customers are trying to tell you by facilitating things like customer interviews, concept testing, and ethnographic research. We can also leverage technology to get answers quickly through tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar. It all depends on what we're trying to find out.

Once we know where improvements are needed, we evaluate how we best get there through our processes of ideation, concept, wireframing, design, and development. We'll then create a product backlog so that what needs to be worked on and when can be collaboratively prioritized. As we build out improvements, we test them with real users, get your feedback, and refine to make sure we are meeting user goals.

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Improve an existing product